1st Blog Post

1st Blog Post

Well here I am. This is my personal, professional, and multifaceted and multi-intersts blog. I’ve been pondering about putting a blog out into the wide world of the internet for some time. I searched and I planned and I thought about making a blog but I never actually did it.  We live in such a vibrant and changing world that it can be overwhelming sometimes. Well for me it is overwhelming especially in this instance. I am done hiding in the shadows and lurking through so much content. I am done  simply dreaming. Dreams never go in to fruition if you never do anything about them. So here I am doing something about it. So what am I doing exactly? And what are my dreams you may wonder? I am a writer. I suppose the official title is aspiring writer since I am not technically a published author unless you count a couple short stories and poems in college literary magazines as published. Either way though I do count myself a writer. I write everyday or at least I try. I work on a novel everyday or at least that’s the goal. I worked on this particular novel for a long time. On this last year I’ve been working on it a bit differently then in the past. So I keep pushing forward and hopefully I will finish it. So this post is kind of declaration of what I plan to write in this blog.  In this blog I will talk about my writing process, strategies that I find that work and others that don’t. I will vent my frustrations and celebrate my triumphs about the whole ordeal of writing. I will also write about books, tv shows, and movies that inspire me. I will not stop there though. I am a big thinker and have some philosophical thoughts so there should be a lot of reflecting going on. Another big faucet of who I am is I am a Mormon also known as a Latter Day Saint and that does affect who I am, how I think and feel and so many aspects of my life.  So here I am, that is a little about me to start this little blog.


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