Daily Prompt: Value

via Daily Prompt: Value

Value. What is my value? That is a loaded question? In dismay I would have to admit it is a question I constantly ask myself. It is something that has importance to me. I want to know if I am doing things of importance or if what I am doing is helping someone or is of some kind of value to someone at some point. Is what I am doing matter? Is there some value in it? Or am I just taking up space and wasting time? I want to have a value. I want to be doing good. I even assign value in the things that I watch or read. I ask myself what is the value of this? I am learning something from it? Does it help me grow? Or is it simple entertainment something that is fun and helps me pass the time? And you know, there is some type of value to that too. Sometimes you need to just shut everything off in your mind and simply enjoy. Other times I do try to find value in things and really ponder the value this is for myself and others around me. I think there can be great value in simply just being and enjoying the company of family and friends. Value can be assigned in your own perspective of what really matters to you.


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