One Day

One Day


“One Day” I use this term a lot. One day I will travel. One day I will get out of my just barely making it job. One day I will actually finish writing my book. One day I will actually write in this blog, write articles, and actually become some what of a professional writer. I was at dinner at my friend’s house the other night and she was talking about her trip she was planning to Italy and I told her that One Day I would make it to Italy. It was one of the top things on my bucket list after all. She told me to stop saying One Day and just do it and start saving now and plan to go in a year, other wise it is always going to be something I say I will do One Day but never end up doing. I knew she was right that unless I made a plan that along with rest of my list of things I would do One Day would never get done. But that was something I couldn’t do at the moment. I couldn’t start saving for Italy not when at that time I was saving to go to a Writers Conference. So I filed that away and a few weeks passed and life happened  and I had to use the money I was saving for the Writers Conference too and I had to put that back on the list of things I will do One Day. I’m not sure if I will ever break the cycle of making these wishes and these plans of things I want to do and never having anything accomplished. I don’t know if I have learned anything. All I know is all I can do is to continue to try. Because if I take all of those things off of my One Day Dream list. If I say, “Well we all know that One Day will never come so I am going to stop saying it all together.” Then that is worse then saying it and not making a plan and not falling through. I know I can’t continue to say it without a plan and find a way to follow through. I haven’t figured that part out yet but once I do One Day I will follow through and that day will be a pretty great day because it will be a day that one of my dreams will come true.


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