Blog Post

I really wanted to write decent blog and keep up with it but that has been difficult. I blame it a little bit on my scatter brain mind and my whole Time Management thing. Lately it has been hard because I started a new job. I’ve been excited about it and starting it has been really stressful. Dealing with new people and the way a new company works can kind of be a bit overwhelming. I like to escape from all of the stresses of life by my TV shows and books and just taking my mind to some far off place and hide away from it all. I also want to be trying to be at least thinking about my book that I was supposed to be constantly writing. That was another goal that fell on the way side. I wanted it to be done by now but then again I wasn’t expecting to have to deal with a new Full Time job. So there that went. I want to be better about making blog post and about finding a good direction or theme for this blog but we’ll see. It is Christmas season and that gets really busy so all I can do is keep on trying.




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