Book Ideas

So I have been writing a book for a long time now and ever so often I get detoured from  realizing what I have written was something I got from a book, TV show, or a movie. I know nothing comes from nothing and everything but it just gets me sometimes when I am rereading my writing and I realize oh my that scene was exactly like a scene in a book or movie and I didn’t even realize it, it was just locked up in my subconscious and it came out in my writing. I do not want to ever be accused of copying or stealing from someone else. It is hard to cross that fine line between inspiration and taking an idea or concept or even a scene from something. How do I take the inspiration from something but make it my own without copying directly from something? How can I avoid this? How do I make my book unique and not like all of the others and not like other books I read? Do I still take that inspiration and use it? The answer to these questions escapes me. It is something I have to figure out. I know there must be a balance from taking inspiration and making it your own and not being copy of something else. It is balance that I am trying to figure out. It helps to think about great books that I know had inspiration from other books and they were still successful on their own. That is something I need to continue to work on.






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