Uniquely Me

I saw this tag in Debbie’s Library and she said, “if you feel you need to do this or feel less special then others then do it” and since I feel like I really need it right now I decided to do this. 
So here are things that make me uniquely me:

  • I collect Elephants. Whether they are statue elephants or stuffed elephants I have so many part of my eclectic collection. I have them based on all different kinds of cultures. Did you know in India Elephants are considered lucky? I have an Elephant lucky charms well. 
  • I have like a hundred filled journals of my sporadic writing. They are not in order at all. I have different parts of stories, books, fanfiction, and poetry spread across all of my different journals. It gives them personality OK. I put special symbols on them so I can connect the different parts from the different  journals. It’s my organized chaos OK!
  • I play the keyboard. I recently started to learn how to play and it really helps me feel good.I get this blissful feeling of peace whenever I am playing. I have mastered several Disney songs. My favorites are Once Upon a Dream, Under the Sea, and Part of Your World.


  • I have a diverse book collection from classic literature to comic books. I also have quite the collection of Ancient Egyptian historical books. I love fantasy and sci-fi as well.
  • I love to color those adult coloring books. They help me relax and feel peace and tranquility. 
  • I am a caring and loving person and try to help my family as much as I can.
  • I love to cook and well I don’t like to call it cooking I like to call it concocting. I take food and just concoct a dish. It’s hard to replicate it. If I use a recipe I usually change it up and add my own personal spice to it. I love it. I like to call them Sally’s concoctions. 

So here it is a few things that make me uniquely me. It is always good to reflect on things that make me me and to be proud of those unique qualities. So ponder and think what makes you special and do this too. It helped me feel better about myself and I hope it does the same for you.


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