What is final? Some things are final. Are all things final? Do all things come to an end? For every ending there is a beginning. As a person is who I am ever final? I don’t not think so and I  take hope and solace in that fact. I can always learn and grow and become new and a better version of myself. It is my belief that even after I die the person who I am can still learn and grow after that. There are something’s that are final, that do have an end. Those things are hard to deal with sometimes. Like a death of a loved one, even though I know they are in a better place their life on earth is over. There is a great big finality in that.  You will never be able to speak to that person again in this life, so in that sense it is final. That finality hurts. That sense of finality will still ache even years later after they have passed. I still hold onto that belief, for me, that knowledge that that person is in another place learning and growing and becoming better;that is where the comfort lies for me. It brings other things into perspective like the finality of losing a job. While that job is over another one, a better one will come. The next phase of my life will come and it will get better. There is comfort in that hope. For every ending there is a beginning just waiting to be set free. 


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