Finding Inspiration

I was having a hard time writing and coming up with ideas so in my frustration this is what I wrote. Sometimes doing an exercise of free writing helps me get those inspirational juices flowing.

So this is what came out of that little exercise:

I need to write. I need to let the writing flow smoothly out of my fingertips. I need to let this go and need to release my mind and let the inspiration overtake me. It is like this thing called inspiration is its own entity. What can I do to wield it? What can I do to control it? How can I let it come when I need it, when I call for it? It is like I am some kind of witch calling for the goddess to inspiration to come to be of assistance through, spells, incantations, or prayers. It is like I have no power to wield it at all. But then I again I am going a bit overboard in my metaphor. Of course I have the power. Of course I’m not some slave to the powerful being “inspiration”. I can find my own inspiration by just writing by simply trying by thinking and brainstorming and listening to music and yes finding things to inspire me. That is what it is all about isn’t it? I want to write to inspire others and I must read to be inspired myself. Sometimes it feels like there is no connection there that I am void of any inspiration that maybe it is loss to me but that kind of thinking is a trap that I get stuck into. Thinking I am stuck or blocked keeps me stuck and blocked. If I obsess over how I am stuck and blocked and that I can never write again then of course I stay obsessed and blocked. The longer I stay in that mode the longer I really won’t write again. I think you get out of ruts by doing. That is all you can do. That is all I can do. All I can do is keep trying and going at it. And if I accomplished nothing then at least I have found myself out of my rut.

So there that is. I think that actually helped. Sometimes I do get into my ruts and making myself keep writing something helps me get out of that rut. How about you is there anything that gets you out of your Writers Block? How do you get inspired to write?




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