New Beginnings Again

I feel like I am continuely embarking on new beginnings over and over again. I keep on searching for the next step and the next phase in my life and how I am going to begin again. There are so many things so many ways to go that it is difficult find where is the right way to go. It’s like I am going in circles or zig zags. I am finding a way a direction and I make a plan for myself and in the next week that plan turns into another plan and another until I’m not even sure what my plans are any more. So I have to start all over again and make another plan again. All I can do is hope that I can find the right plan and stick with it. I also have to realize things do not always go according to plan. Life happens. Things get in the way and sometimes I will be pulled in different directions that I did not have planned. I feel like there is a way to have a balance between making and seeing plans through and going with the flow.


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