My Top Five Bucket List Goals

Oh the ever infamous bucket list. That list of ever so far reaching things of things that I just must do before I die. I like to call them goals instead of wishes. Wish sounds like something that could never happen. It sounds like, “I wish I had a million dollars.” Or, “I wish I could ride a flying unicorn.” Using the word goal on the other hand makes me think that it could be attainable giving the right time, effort, and circumstances. It is a Bucket List so it is a list of things that I want to do before I die. This list is in no particular order.

So here it goes:

Travel to Italy

This will have to be number one on my Traveling bucket list. This is the place I want to travel some day. Or maybe even live here for a few months or a year. I took Italian in college because it was on Bucket List then. I love the rich history, the culture, the art work, and do not even get me started on the culinary aspects of Italy. Anytime there is any kind of travel show on Italy, I am all over that. I will read anything I can get my hands on about the beautiful country and if a rom con is set in Italy the chances are pretty high that I am going to love it.


Write and Publish a Novel

Well, I do consider myself a writer and I have been working on several books for years and years. So hopefully it is a Bucket List Goal that will get accomplished. It has been one of my highest goals and biggest dreams to become a published author. I keep on reworking my novels but I still believe that one day this ultimate dream and goal of mine will come true and I will accomplish this  great feat.


Own and Drive my own Car

A lot of people might think this is silly to be put on a Bucket List. It is such a regular thing that most people accomplish regularly. I’m thinking but since I live in a city with a bus system and I have had issues in my life where I could not own and drive my own car for me this will be a great accomplishment when I finally able to do this.


Write A  Musical

Yep, when I dream. I dream big. I can write music a bit. I wrote one play before but to write a musical and have it performed that is a big deal to me. It is a big dream and goal. I know this. I just love musicals. I always dreamed of making one of my own one day.


Play My Piano In Public or Make Videos

Ever since I started playing my key board I fell in love with piano and I would love to get good enough to perform in public one day.  I also have recently fallen in love with people making vids of making covers of them on piano or the violin on Youtube. That would be amazing if I could do something like that.

And there it is my list of top five things I just got to do before I die. What are something’s on your Bucket List?


Measure- One Word Prompt

Measure. How do I measure up? Against what exactly? I’m not so sure. I sometimes measure myself against too much. I measure myself, my accomplishments, and where I should be based on other views on how I should be. I let others measure me and tell me how different I should be. So I tried to be more like them and less like me.I felt uncomfortable and out of my own skin. I didn’t feel right to who I was or to who I wanted to be. So was there such a thing as improvement without changing who you are at your core? And who am I anyway? What does that even mean? All I know for now is I’m going to stop measuring myself to others and what I feel is right. That is all I can do. 

Writing my Book

I have been writing my book for some time now and I have been through my “in and out of it” phases. After my bosses decided to move in a different direction I have been out of it even though this probably is the perfect time to work on it, since I have so much more supposed free time. It has been harder for me during this time since my inspiration level has fallen flat with my spirits being crushed a bit by former employers that shall not be named.

 I have gotten to a point through my “disappointed and now I have to rethink my life again phase”where I can start thinking more about my creative projects and that includes my “will I ever finish it?” Novel. So I am in the “reasses and evaluate” phase of my novel. Part of that is to think about what influenced me in writing this novel.

So here a few books that influenced my Novel:

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis– I have loved this since I was young. I loved reading this to my sister when she was younger. My story has become about finding portals or a different way to get to a different world, well in my books case to get to a different Time. It also has that theological symbolism aspect of it, as well. The sibling relationships in this affected mine book as well since I have big important sibling relationships in my book. 

The Hobbit by JRR Tolken–  This book really follows the whole “Joseph Cambell” hero format pretty well, where you are introduced to a character in his normal world and he is sent on an all important quest. Bilbo Baggins says it perfectly, “I  am going on an adventure!” I follow this format or at least I have been working on following it. It is a work in progress. 

North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell-I read this book in my British Novel class in college and I have fallen in love with it ever since. I really identified with it and with the main character Margeret. Having endured a move or two that I haven’t been that pleased about at first. I really felt that moment when she went back to her old town and realized it wasn’t the same as she had been dreaming about. This book really influenced me with being a coming of age story and having my character start to question things she never did before.

Vampire Academy and Bloodlines by Richelle Mead- So I have been obsessed with these series for a while.It was all my sister’s fault she dragged me into this world. I feel like my main character  is a bit influenced by Rose Hathway and Sydney Sage. She is a bit of a mix of both. She is stubborn and tough like Rose and very smart and intellectual like Sydney. I feel like my main romance does have a similar vibe as Sydney and Adrian romance in the Bloodlines series. 

Now my last influence goes into the religious category.

The Book of Mormon by a bunch of different prophets but edited by Mormon and translated by Joseph Smith- So I mentioned that it was a bit of religious allegory like  The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Since I am a Mormon that is what influences me largely on the religious side. My book is called the Book of Time. One day it dawned on me that wow that is like the Book of Mormon. It also works since it is a Time Traveling book about Ancient times and the Book of Mormon does talk about Ancient times as well. I don’t mention spiritual or religious things directly in this but there is a lot of symbolism in it talking about that. 

And there it is. Those are a few of the books that have influenced my current book that I’m working on.  Stay tuned for more musings about my adventures in writing this book.

Uniquely Me

I saw this tag in Debbie’s Library and she said, “if you feel you need to do this or feel less special then others then do it” and since I feel like I really need it right now I decided to do this. 
So here are things that make me uniquely me:

  • I collect Elephants. Whether they are statue elephants or stuffed elephants I have so many part of my eclectic collection. I have them based on all different kinds of cultures. Did you know in India Elephants are considered lucky? I have an Elephant lucky charms well. 
  • I have like a hundred filled journals of my sporadic writing. They are not in order at all. I have different parts of stories, books, fanfiction, and poetry spread across all of my different journals. It gives them personality OK. I put special symbols on them so I can connect the different parts from the different  journals. It’s my organized chaos OK!
  • I play the keyboard. I recently started to learn how to play and it really helps me feel good.I get this blissful feeling of peace whenever I am playing. I have mastered several Disney songs. My favorites are Once Upon a Dream, Under the Sea, and Part of Your World.


  • I have a diverse book collection from classic literature to comic books. I also have quite the collection of Ancient Egyptian historical books. I love fantasy and sci-fi as well.
  • I love to color those adult coloring books. They help me relax and feel peace and tranquility. 
  • I am a caring and loving person and try to help my family as much as I can.
  • I love to cook and well I don’t like to call it cooking I like to call it concocting. I take food and just concoct a dish. It’s hard to replicate it. If I use a recipe I usually change it up and add my own personal spice to it. I love it. I like to call them Sally’s concoctions. 

So here it is a few things that make me uniquely me. It is always good to reflect on things that make me me and to be proud of those unique qualities. So ponder and think what makes you special and do this too. It helped me feel better about myself and I hope it does the same for you.

New Beginnings

I feel like I am always going on and on with New Beginning. I got on these phases of starting over and over again. I suppose everyone has new phases in their lives. There are different stages in their lives but I feel like I’m always starting over again and again. All I can do is hope that this latest New Beginning in my life will lead to something great, or at least something more substantial and fulfilling. I recently got a new apartment but  just when I was getting ready to move in I got called into my bosses office and they told me they were “moving in a different direction”. So here I am having to go back to the drawing board and rethinking my life and finding a new job while unpacking and getting used to my new apartment and making sure I can stay in this apartment while I find  a new job and figure out what my next New Beginning is. I don’t know I am hoping this is a blessing in disguise. I hope it becomes one of those stories and that is how this wonderful stage of my life started. 

Book Ideas

So I have been writing a book for a long time now and ever so often I get detoured from  realizing what I have written was something I got from a book, TV show, or a movie. I know nothing comes from nothing and everything but it just gets me sometimes when I am rereading my writing and I realize oh my that scene was exactly like a scene in a book or movie and I didn’t even realize it, it was just locked up in my subconscious and it came out in my writing. I do not want to ever be accused of copying or stealing from someone else. It is hard to cross that fine line between inspiration and taking an idea or concept or even a scene from something. How do I take the inspiration from something but make it my own without copying directly from something? How can I avoid this? How do I make my book unique and not like all of the others and not like other books I read? Do I still take that inspiration and use it? The answer to these questions escapes me. It is something I have to figure out. I know there must be a balance from taking inspiration and making it your own and not being copy of something else. It is balance that I am trying to figure out. It helps to think about great books that I know had inspiration from other books and they were still successful on their own. That is something I need to continue to work on.





Blog Post

I really wanted to write decent blog and keep up with it but that has been difficult. I blame it a little bit on my scatter brain mind and my whole Time Management thing. Lately it has been hard because I started a new job. I’ve been excited about it and starting it has been really stressful. Dealing with new people and the way a new company works can kind of be a bit overwhelming. I like to escape from all of the stresses of life by my TV shows and books and just taking my mind to some far off place and hide away from it all. I also want to be trying to be at least thinking about my book that I was supposed to be constantly writing. That was another goal that fell on the way side. I wanted it to be done by now but then again I wasn’t expecting to have to deal with a new Full Time job. So there that went. I want to be better about making blog post and about finding a good direction or theme for this blog but we’ll see. It is Christmas season and that gets really busy so all I can do is keep on trying.