New Beginnings

I feel like I am always going on and on with New Beginning. I got on these phases of starting over and over again. I suppose everyone has new phases in their lives. There are different stages in their lives but I feel like I’m always starting over again and again. All I can do is hope that this latest New Beginning in my life will lead to something great, or at least something more substantial and fulfilling. I recently got a new apartment but  just when I was getting ready to move in I got called into my bosses office and they told me they were “moving in a different direction”. So here I am having to go back to the drawing board and rethinking my life and finding a new job while unpacking and getting used to my new apartment and making sure I can stay in this apartment while I find  a new job and figure out what my next New Beginning is. I don’t know I am hoping this is a blessing in disguise. I hope it becomes one of those stories and that is how this wonderful stage of my life started. 


Book Ideas

So I have been writing a book for a long time now and ever so often I get detoured from  realizing what I have written was something I got from a book, TV show, or a movie. I know nothing comes from nothing and everything but it just gets me sometimes when I am rereading my writing and I realize oh my that scene was exactly like a scene in a book or movie and I didn’t even realize it, it was just locked up in my subconscious and it came out in my writing. I do not want to ever be accused of copying or stealing from someone else. It is hard to cross that fine line between inspiration and taking an idea or concept or even a scene from something. How do I take the inspiration from something but make it my own without copying directly from something? How can I avoid this? How do I make my book unique and not like all of the others and not like other books I read? Do I still take that inspiration and use it? The answer to these questions escapes me. It is something I have to figure out. I know there must be a balance from taking inspiration and making it your own and not being copy of something else. It is balance that I am trying to figure out. It helps to think about great books that I know had inspiration from other books and they were still successful on their own. That is something I need to continue to work on.





Blog Post

I really wanted to write decent blog and keep up with it but that has been difficult. I blame it a little bit on my scatter brain mind and my whole Time Management thing. Lately it has been hard because I started a new job. I’ve been excited about it and starting it has been really stressful. Dealing with new people and the way a new company works can kind of be a bit overwhelming. I like to escape from all of the stresses of life by my TV shows and books and just taking my mind to some far off place and hide away from it all. I also want to be trying to be at least thinking about my book that I was supposed to be constantly writing. That was another goal that fell on the way side. I wanted it to be done by now but then again I wasn’t expecting to have to deal with a new Full Time job. So there that went. I want to be better about making blog post and about finding a good direction or theme for this blog but we’ll see. It is Christmas season and that gets really busy so all I can do is keep on trying.



One Day

One Day


“One Day” I use this term a lot. One day I will travel. One day I will get out of my just barely making it job. One day I will actually finish writing my book. One day I will actually write in this blog, write articles, and actually become some what of a professional writer. I was at dinner at my friend’s house the other night and she was talking about her trip she was planning to Italy and I told her that One Day I would make it to Italy. It was one of the top things on my bucket list after all. She told me to stop saying One Day and just do it and start saving now and plan to go in a year, other wise it is always going to be something I say I will do One Day but never end up doing. I knew she was right that unless I made a plan that along with rest of my list of things I would do One Day would never get done. But that was something I couldn’t do at the moment. I couldn’t start saving for Italy not when at that time I was saving to go to a Writers Conference. So I filed that away and a few weeks passed and life happened  and I had to use the money I was saving for the Writers Conference too and I had to put that back on the list of things I will do One Day. I’m not sure if I will ever break the cycle of making these wishes and these plans of things I want to do and never having anything accomplished. I don’t know if I have learned anything. All I know is all I can do is to continue to try. Because if I take all of those things off of my One Day Dream list. If I say, “Well we all know that One Day will never come so I am going to stop saying it all together.” Then that is worse then saying it and not making a plan and not falling through. I know I can’t continue to say it without a plan and find a way to follow through. I haven’t figured that part out yet but once I do One Day I will follow through and that day will be a pretty great day because it will be a day that one of my dreams will come true.

Daily Prompt: Value

via Daily Prompt: Value

Value. What is my value? That is a loaded question? In dismay I would have to admit it is a question I constantly ask myself. It is something that has importance to me. I want to know if I am doing things of importance or if what I am doing is helping someone or is of some kind of value to someone at some point. Is what I am doing matter? Is there some value in it? Or am I just taking up space and wasting time? I want to have a value. I want to be doing good. I even assign value in the things that I watch or read. I ask myself what is the value of this? I am learning something from it? Does it help me grow? Or is it simple entertainment something that is fun and helps me pass the time? And you know, there is some type of value to that too. Sometimes you need to just shut everything off in your mind and simply enjoy. Other times I do try to find value in things and really ponder the value this is for myself and others around me. I think there can be great value in simply just being and enjoying the company of family and friends. Value can be assigned in your own perspective of what really matters to you.

1st Blog Post

1st Blog Post

Well here I am. This is my personal, professional, and multifaceted and multi-intersts blog. I’ve been pondering about putting a blog out into the wide world of the internet for some time. I searched and I planned and I thought about making a blog but I never actually did it.  We live in such a vibrant and changing world that it can be overwhelming sometimes. Well for me it is overwhelming especially in this instance. I am done hiding in the shadows and lurking through so much content. I am done  simply dreaming. Dreams never go in to fruition if you never do anything about them. So here I am doing something about it. So what am I doing exactly? And what are my dreams you may wonder? I am a writer. I suppose the official title is aspiring writer since I am not technically a published author unless you count a couple short stories and poems in college literary magazines as published. Either way though I do count myself a writer. I write everyday or at least I try. I work on a novel everyday or at least that’s the goal. I worked on this particular novel for a long time. On this last year I’ve been working on it a bit differently then in the past. So I keep pushing forward and hopefully I will finish it. So this post is kind of declaration of what I plan to write in this blog.  In this blog I will talk about my writing process, strategies that I find that work and others that don’t. I will vent my frustrations and celebrate my triumphs about the whole ordeal of writing. I will also write about books, tv shows, and movies that inspire me. I will not stop there though. I am a big thinker and have some philosophical thoughts so there should be a lot of reflecting going on. Another big faucet of who I am is I am a Mormon also known as a Latter Day Saint and that does affect who I am, how I think and feel and so many aspects of my life.  So here I am, that is a little about me to start this little blog.